Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brassia Datacosa

This Brassia hybrid is floriferous and easy to care for, but it has the same habit as many other Brassia hybrids, it gallops across the pot or basket and soon its pseudobulbs are growing in the air outside the pot.  Pseudobulbs whose roots are not in the media are weaker and smaller than those that have their roots inside the pot.  If the plant loses its roots it can take several years to recuperate its former vigor.  A plant with several healthy and adult pseudobuls and with several growing points, can bloom  repeatedly during the blooming season or can produce all its inflorescences in one large display, as this plant did.


samit said...

Nice information on Brassia Datacosa. I guess this must be a very e Exotic flower. can it be grown in india too?

Ricardo said...

If your area enjoys temperatures that fluctuate between 65 and 85F for most of theyear and has adequate humidity, in the 70 to 80% at least, it will probably do well.