Friday, January 10, 2014

Schombocattleya Louise Fuchs, Schomburgkia tibicinis x Cattleya bicolor

This plant has given me some difficulty in its culture.  I have two of them, one seems to be all too prone to lose pseudobulbs to rot, the other is spotlessly healthy.  The one that is in bad shapeand gets lots of sun blooms realiably even though it receives next to no care and has small pseudobulbs, the one kept under more shade and which receives much better care doesn't bloom.  I have seen a large plant of this hybrid in bloom with a large inflorescence and it is a show stopper.  I will move the non blooming plant to brighter light to see if that is what it needs to bloom.  The color of the flowers in real life is darker than how they appear in the photos.   This plant is capable of producing up to six flowers.

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