Sunday, July 13, 2014

Comparettia falcata Poepp. & Endl. 1835, "in situ" in the central mountains of Puerto Rico

This species is native of Puerto Rico.  I have found it in areas of very high environmental humidity.  I have seen it growing mainly in thin branches and twigs, but I have also seen plant in trunks and more substantial branches.  I have seen it most often in the edges of the forest, where a creek or a trait opens up the canopy.  However finding it in areas of intact canopy is not easy so imy experience may be just an artifact of visual sampling and simply reflects the places where it can be viewed more readily.  This plant is not often seen in captivity in Puerto Rico mainly due to the difficulties replicating its environmental needs outside its native habitat.  In t experience, in particularly favorable habitats, it can be locally common in small areas.

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Unknown said...

Estimado hermano, no anuncies mucho donde se encuentra, porque van los orquidiotas a coleccionar y saquear las poblaciones de esa bella orquídea. No toda orquídea hay que poseerla en el patio de la casa.