Friday, August 8, 2014

Encyclia cordigera [HBK] Dressler 1964, this is the type known as var. rosea

The color of the leaves is not due to a disease.  The color is a response to growing in a high light intensity area.  The plant is potted in chunks of coconut fiber and small pieces of tree ferns.


Unknown said...

Ricardo, I have an Encyclia cordigera (not rosea) here in Central Florida. Had it for about 6 years. It produces 14 flowers on one penduncle. This year it finally produced two new growths. I have this one on my screened patio in full sun and has not turned the leaves red. Maybe it's a lot hotter in PR. I enjoy your blog. Ric Fieler

Ricardo said...

Thanks for reading the blog. It may be that this being variety rosea it naturally has a greater propensity to produce anthocyaning pigments, even in the leaves. When kept in the shade the leaves of var. rosea look the same as that of any other type.