Thursday, March 16, 2017

I found some tiny orchid seedlings, maybe of Leochilus puertoricensis, "in situ" in a single thin branch

Today I took some photos of the flowers of Leochilus puertoricensis and uploaded them to the Internet.  I was asked to take photos of the whole plant.  I went to see the plants and moved around the tree to try to get a better angle for the photos.  Then I noticed tiny green slivers on one of the branches.  They turned out to be orchid seedling.  I have never seen so many orchid seedling or such tiny ones.  Most were only green blades.  A single one had a short root.  My suspicion is that they are seedling of Leochilus, since they are in the same tree with plants of this species.  However I have never seen so many Leochilus plants clumped together, usually they occur as solitary plants.  I suspect the reason there are so many of them there is that it is the dry season and slugs and snails, which love to snack on these things are not very active due to the low humidity.  I will watch these tiny plants to see how many of them survive and how long they take to reach maturity and bloom.

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Unknown said...

This is so cool. I would love to go trekking with you sometime