Monday, January 21, 2019

Dendrobium anosmum var. huttoni

In the difficult weeks and months after the hurricane, I lost hundreds of plants to the changed conditions of illumination, humidity and rainfall.  This is one of the survivors of hurricane Maria.  Last year it was in poor shape and it didn't bloom.  The 2018 canes were small for the plant but they were large enough to produce four flowers.  I expect that as it recuperates from the damage it suffered after the hurricane it will go back to blooming well.  It is highly fragrant and even with only four flowers it perfumes the area around it.

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Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of so many of your plants. I'm glad at least some survived and are recuperating. I've found a number of your posts very help and interesting. So, I was wondering if perhaps I could send you some divisions of some of my plants. Since I am in Florida there shouldn't to much shock based on climate. If you would like some, you can email me at It may take a few days for me to respond. I was also wondering if you are going to continue your blog on another platform.