Monday, April 22, 2019

Vanda suavis Lindl. 1848,

This plant was grown in Lares, Puerto Rico.  It is grown with plenty of humidity and it gets full sun for some hours a day.  An stunning example of the species more commonly known as Vanda tricolor var. suavis


Philippe Christophe said...

To be exact, Vanda suavis was a valid species. Now the valid name is Vanda tricolor var. suavis. I think it may come back as a species but now, it is not anymore. Considered as a variety of Vanda tricolor. All the best, Philippe.

Ricardo said...

I know it is considered a variety of Vanda tricolor. But the Vanda tricolor of the nominate type that I have seen are so strikingly different from this plant that I don't see how this can be a variety of them.