Saturday, May 2, 2020

Phragmipedium hirtzii Dodson 1988

I brought this plant some years ago.  It was an import from Ecuador.  When I brought it, the plant had only two or three fans of leaves.  I cultivate it on a semi hydro regime.   The plant surprised me by surviving the climatic chaos that followed the destruction of the canopy of the forest that surrounds my house by hurricane Maria.   A lot of my other orchid plants were not able to deal with the wild swings in humidity, rainfall and temperature in the months following the hurricane.  I wondered why it had not bloomed.  So I did what I always do with plants that don't bloom for any obvious reason, I carefully moved it so that it got more sun for a longer period of time.  I also gave it fertilizer with more nitrogen to promote bigger, more vigorous growht.  That did the trick and it bloomed in April 2020.  This is its first flower.

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gwhmnyc said...

LOVE PHRAGS been growing them since 1980 and have about 30 of them growing in Fajardo, some like P. Sedenii from the original cross made 125 years ago. Have been getting them lately from Ecuaenera. Grow them in NZ moss or NZ Moss mixed with rockwool works the best, they are so easy!