Thursday, December 10, 2020

Dendrobium devonianum Paxton 1840

 I brought this Dendrobium last year.  One of the few orchids I have brought after hurricane Maria.   This plant has been delicate and lost two canes to rot during the rainy season.   However the youngest cane survived.  The cane is just a fraction of the size of the older ones it had when it arrived, but to my surprise it produced flowers.  Not many but I don't complain.   I have read Dendrobium devonianum is quite variable but I was puzzled when the flowers started opening.  To me it seems as if someone grafted the huge lip of Den, primulinum of a devonianum flower.  I have never before seen a Den, devonianum with such huge yellow dot and without purple on the distal tip of the lip.   Hopefully, next year the plant will be larger and stronger and will produce even more of this beautiful flowers.   The flowers are strongly fragrant in the afternoon.


Mary said...

Dear Ricardo,
I last spoke to you in 2013 on OrchidsForum. You helped me identify two Dendrobium hybrids D. Andree Millar and D. Alex MacPherson. After growing my D. Alex MacPherson for more than 15 years, it died last Autumn. I would very much like to replace the plant. If you still have your plant, I wonder if you would be willing to sell a division to me? I do not know if it is possible to ship to the United States from Puerto Rico. I can be reached at
With regards,
Mary Henninger

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