Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dendrobium Norman 'Pam' FCC/HOS An outstanding "antilope" Dendrobium

I have grown Dendrobium Norman 'Pam' FCC/HOS for many years, it does well under the local climate.  My plant produces large, long lasting flowers in relatively short inflorescences.  My plant won't bloom in canes that are shorter than three feet tall and lack a strong root system.  It needs bright light to bloom.  This plant needs to be fertilized regularly of the canes won't grow to their full potential.  It does best with a high nitrogen fertilizer.  My plant has grown better when its roots are in an airy open media.  I drench my plant once a week in dry weather, otherwise it can survive very well with the local rainfal with no additional watering.  This plant has given me little trouble over the years with the exception that when it has several large canes it become top heavy and the canes need to be secured so the won't break from their own weight or topple the plant in windy weather.

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Angel Mar said...

A beautiful plant. Best regards