Sunday, March 23, 2014

Phalaenopsis Memoria Julio Rios Pagan 'Janice' HCC/AOS

Seen at the March 2014 meeting of the Mayaguez orchid society.


tonetone28 said...

Wow, that Memoria Julio Rios Pagan 'Janice' is incredible. Do you know anyone who sells it? Also, do you ever sell, trade any of your Calanthe or Phaiocalanthe? I have just restricted my collection of orchids to orange phals, and the calanthes. It keeps me from buying orchids that I don't need or can't grow. Haha.


Ricardo said...

I don't sell my plants, I only have a few Calanthes now, having too many plants used too much space and I wanted to try other types of orchids. Perhaps Google can help in finding these type of Phalaenopsis.