Friday, April 11, 2014

Renanthera monachica Ames 1915, one of the smallest species of a genus known for its tall plants

Renanthera is a genus that is know for being a genus of tall plants that produce large inflorescences with dozens of red flowers.  But this genus also has smaller plants which produce flowers in color other than red.  One of the smallest is Renanthera monachica.  I brought this plant last year and today it opened its first flower.  The plant is five inches tall and the inflorescence of has just a few flowers.  Compare this with Renanthera coccinea, I had a plant that was seven feet tall and produced a three feet wide inflorescence that had 144 flowers.  This orchid is doing well in the Rio Abajo climatic conditions and I expect that it will continue growing taller and blooming.  I find it slow growing in comparison with my other Renanthera.

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