Saturday, June 6, 2015

Yamadara Queen Adelia

Seen at the Mayaguez Orchid Festival on May 2015.

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Anonymous said...

Louiscappeara (Lou) Queen Adelia 'Kiilani' HCC/AOS is Beautiful! A Louiscappeara ia an intergeneric consisting of Brassavola, Cattleya, Encyclia, Guarianthe, and Rhyncholaelia. It has been known by it's older name of Yamadara (Yam ) Queen Adelia 'Kiilani' HCC/AOS

It's parents are Rth. (Rhyncattleanthe) Orange Nuggett X Eyy. (Encyleyvola) (formerly Bergmanara Brg.) Sammie Evans. Many Brg. (Bergmanara) became Encyleyvola (Eyy. = Brassavola, Cattleya, Encyclia) when Laelia became Cattleya.

The flowers are about 2.25 inches, the plant stays less the 12 inches high and the spike branches too! Love the flowers!