Monday, February 9, 2015

Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris (J.König) Aver. 2003,

This orchid grows without problem in the hot coastal regions of Puerto Rico.  For me this plant has proven tolerant of neglect and less than ideal watering, but it does much better with regular watering and fertilizing.  This plant is owned by a friend.  His house is close to the seashore so humidity levels are not a problem.  His plant has grown large with many pseudobulbs.  A plant that is doing well can produce inflorescences sporadically for several months.  My own plant, which I brought under the name Bulbophyllum lepidum, produces inflorescences for three months between November and January.

Unfortunately, my own plant is of lesser quality than the one on these photos.  However it is an easy, undemanding grower and I have given away many pieces to friends and beginners.  This species is sometimes confused with hybrids, such as Bulb, Daisy Chain (Bulbophyllum makoyanum x Bulb. amesianum).

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Unknown said...

Interesting post, I am beginner at Bulbophyllum genus. Nice to know friendly Bulbo for newbie like me.