Friday, May 11, 2012

Amandara Rafael Sobrino, Epidendrum ciliare x Blc. Toshie Aoki

This orchid is a cross between Epidendrum ciliare, an orchid species native of Puerto Rico and Blc. Toshie Aoki a complex Cattleya hybrid.  Its name is Amandara Rafael Sobrino made by Dr. Rafael Sobrino. The flower of this hybrid favors the shape of the Epi. ciliare parent.  The  Blc. Toshie Aoki influence is obscured to such an extent in this hybrid that if one saw this plant with no information about its parentage, one would have hardly guessed that Blc. Toshie Aoki was involved. This plant represents a departure from traditional orchid breeding.  Most hybridists pursue the goal of very flat flowers with wide floral segments and round lips.  They would hardly use a plant with the idiosyncratic fringed and elongated lip of Epi. ciliare when there are so many Cattleya hybrids that carry in their genome a concentration of the choosiest traits in an already advanced form.  For me this plant represents and experiment to see how the traits of the parental species would mesh and present themselves in a flower.  As for what I think of the flower, I can say I like it. But the truth is, to quote the romans, “De coloribus et gustativus non disputandum”.


Frank Zachariah said...

Ricardo, I don't think orchid growers are so narrow minded that they would not find this shape novel and appealing. There are many beautiful flowers that are not flat and round. This is one of them!

Ricardo said...

You said it, orchid growers, I am not refering to them. It is orchid hybridizers I am refering to. Most hygridizers I know prefer round flowers with overlapping segments and consider plants such as this as mere curiosities. You only have to open any orchid catalog to see what I mean. Orchid growers like all kinds of shapes and sizes, the popularity of the genus Bulbophyllum with its plethora of odd shapes and sizes is a proof of that.