Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ceraia pseudoequitans' (Fessel & Lückel) M.A.Clem 2004, it is doing well in my garden, it has grow much in the last year.

February 2015
April 2014
This plant grew significantly during last year.   In the April 2014 photo you can see 14 inflorescences.  This plant has now 23 inflorescences simultaneously.  The increase in size can be attributed to good care with emphasis on making sure the plant was fertilized regularly during its growing season.  I use a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen for this plant.  It gets a few hours of full morning sun, the rest of the day it get sunlight filtered through the canopy of the tall trees that surround my house.

The plant is potted in stones.  I did this because it is a material that will not decay under the combination a hot rainy summer season with daily rain showers and regular nitrogen fertilization that can turn other media to slush in a single season. This plant has not been bothered by the usual culprit, which are slugs and scales.   I like the fact that it produces many stems during the growing season.

An unexpected problem is that since the plant is exposed to full sun during the morning, all the stems point to the side of the pot that gets the strongest light.  I will move the plant to a spot where it gets a lights from all sides during the day.  Also the stems are beginning to become crowded in the pot which means that I will have to repot them, something I dread to do to large specimen plants because some resent when you damage their roots and might sulk for a while or die even if you are extremely careful not to damage the roots during the repotting.

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