Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dendrobium anosmum var. huttonii, an update on my plant

For the last seven years my plant of this species grew vigorously and bloomed well.  Unfortunately, I moved it to a shadier, wetter spot than what it was used to because I wanted to put some other plants there.  As a result the base of the plant stayed sopping wet for weeks during the rainy season and it died.  Fortunately the plant has four large keikis that will be repotted to individual baskets as soon as they finish blooming.  Although the mother plant base died, the keikis are so large, all of them bloomed.
Here is a link to how I cultivate this plant.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Richardo,

I am your fan. I have checked all of your blogs. And i am a dendrobium parishii and anosmum colector. I take all of my brave to ask one thing is I would like to buy some of keikis from you if you want to share.
I am waiting for your reply.
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Thanks TT