Saturday, February 7, 2015

Schomburgkia lueddemanniana, it was sold to me with this identification. The Schomburkia genus is defunct so this plant is now a Laelia.

The easiest by far to cultivate and bloom of all the Laelia (formely Schomburgkias) that I have.  It is tolerant of drought, wind and high temperatures.  With a modest amount of fertilizing and watering it has done very well.  However there is one thing it won't tolerate, a potting media that doesn't allow for good ventilation to the roots.  So I have mine potted in media that is coarse and I don't add much of it, just enough to give some weight and stability to the pot.  This is this plant second blooming.

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Unknown said...

I guess they doing better on at bark or Güitite (Acnistus arborescens)long stick trunk.