Saturday, October 15, 2016

Psychilis x raganii Sauleda, a follow up visit to the population I visited in 2013

I visited this population of orchids for the first time back in 2013.  Today I checked on it and was pleased to find that the plants are still doing well. The plants were blooming and I saw seed pods and seedlings. There seems to be fewer plants in places where they can be easily seen from the trail but that might just be because aren't as many plant flowering now as when I first visited.  The place seems little changed.  However, before I got to the place where the orchids are I had to wade through a veritable sea of neck tall grass, Panicum maximum.  There may be that coming next dry season the area will be very fire prone due to large amount of dry grass present.  However the orchids are growing higher in the mountain in a place so dry that the grass is stunted, small and inhibited from growing by the abundant spiny bushes.  You can read about my first visit to the place where these orchids grow here.

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