Monday, December 19, 2016

Oncidium cebolleta (Jacq.) Sw. 1800

I saw this orchid growing in an airy and sunny location in a garden near Isabela in the north coast of Puerto Rico.  Although it is a plant that does well in the hot and humid conditions of the coast of Puerto Rico, it seems to be rare in cultivation.  This is the only plant I have ever seen of this species in our Island.


gwhmnyc said...

In the 1980's just as described you could buy these plants, clearly collected from the wild, tied to a piece of board (Cedar) being collected from Mexico and Guatemala. A common, not rare, also called a Rat Tail Oncidium,I've seen them growing near trees in the Yucatan near the Mayan Ruins. They has been reclassified as a trichocentrum. It's wide spread through central America and South America. It can be found growing on rock canyon walls in Mexico and as far north as the Mexican Sonorian Desert on oak trees. Doesn't grow wet, needs an open mix, allow the potting mix to dry well between watering unless they are in spike or flower then be sure to allow the mix to only approach dryness.

Ricardo said...

Few people locally cultivate this plant. Nowadays hybrids rule the market due to their bright color are relative ease of cultivation. I visited the Arizona Sonora museum, a truly beautiful and interesting place.

Jorge said...

Thank you so much for sharing your tips on growing Onc. cebolleta !