Monday, December 12, 2016

In 2004, I moved many of my orchids indoors because tropical storm Jeanne was menacing the island. It passed over Puerto Rico and went on to became the deadliest hurricane of 2004

In September of 2004 the island of Puerto Rico came under a tropical storm warning.  I was so concerned my plants would get damaged by the winds and falling branches, I moved a lot of them indoors.  The storm made landfall in the south east of the Island near Maunabo at midday September 15, it exited the Island through Mayaguez at 11 pm.  The strongest winds measured over the island were 117 km/h in San Juan, in the north of the island.  Rainfall fluctuated between 152mm and 610mm.  My location experience only light defoliation to the canopy, and very little damage to the houses.

The orchids I left outside were unharmed.  However, after I took the plants outside, I spend the next week finding frogs, spiders and cockroaches that had come in to the house hidden in the orchid pots.  It was the last time I brought such a large number of plants indoors.

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