Sunday, August 7, 2011

Epidendrum capricornu, the "goat horned" Epidendrum

I saw this plant at the outdoor gardens of the Quito Botanical Gardens in Quito, Ecuador.  I also saw this plant in the town of Mindo also in Ecuador.  This plant is a cool grower that liven in the Andes mountains.  It is said it can be in bloom at any time of the year.  I saw several plant in the botanical garden grounds but only two were in bloom and of these one has only a few flowers.  The flower display is handsome enough but tends to suffer in comparison when grown with such large and prolific bloomers as Epidendrum pophyreum and Epidendrum atacazoicum.   The plants were growing outdoors in the ground along with several kinds of Epidendrum sp. native of Ecuador.  Local temperatures fluctuate between 75F during the day to 45F at night. 

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