Friday, August 5, 2011

Epidendrum atacazoicum, an orchid native of Ecuador

This Epidendrum native of Ecuador produces large many flowered piramidal inflorescences.  The inflorescences are quite showy both due to their sheer size and to the lovely presentation.  This is a large plant, in the plant shot it might look small but this is due to the fact that behind it are the 15 feet tall canes of a large Sobralia orchid.  The specific name of the plant is because there is a volcano en Ecuador named Atacazo.  This plant grows in cool, wet montane forest.  I have not seen photos of this plant being cultivated out of its native range except for this plant which I saw at the Quito Botanical Gardens, in Ecuador.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen it cultivated in Puerto Rico since you published this post in 2011?

Ricardo said...

This epidendrum needs climatic conditions that don't naturally occur on the island of Puerto Rico. I have not seen this plant cultivated here and it is very unlikely it will ever be. To grow it successfully in Puerto Rico you would need a greenhouse capable of producing the daily cycle of temperature change in this plant native haunts, which can go down to 45F at night and climb to the 70 during the day. Maintaining this temperatures, in the very hot coast of the island, even in a tiny green house, would be an expensive endeavour that might give pause even to wealthy people.

Daz said...

Grows well and blooms freely in our staircase located in Germany. ;-) There are no special conditions. It is a rather bright place, about 50 % moisture, cold during winters and hot during summers. I do nothing special for this plant. I water it freely when run dry and fertilize just the same way as my other orchids.