Friday, December 16, 2011

Brassolaeliocattleya Glenn Maidment 'Aranbeen' a lovely semi alba Cattleya

 I brought this plant in 2005 from H&R Orchids in Hawaii.   This plant has been a joy to have around.  It blooms faithfully and has not been sick one day of the six years it has been with me.  The quality of the flowers in consistently good although I must confess that if the flowers are a bit undersized or of a lesser than top quality it is entirely my fault and it is probably due to me slipping on its care.  The plant has performed best when grown in bright light although I have never grown it in light as strong as the one Lc. Drumbeat ‘Heritage’.  This plant has thrived with the same care I give all my other Cattleyas.  I give them as bright light as they can tolerate short of sunburn and I fertilize it only when it is growing at the strength that is recommended on the label of the fertilizer.  I potted it in a wire basket in which it has been growing with no problem for the last six years.  My only complaint is that is has never produced a side shoot that would allow me to divide it into two plants.

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