Friday, December 9, 2011

Lockhartia species, seen in Mindo, Ecuador.

A Lockhartia flower

There are about thirty species of Lockhartia.  They are found in Central America, the Caribbean and in South America.  I found this one on a fallen tree in Mindo, Ecuador.  The plant seemed to be no worse for the wear for being in an exposed in a roadside.  The branch where it was growing was in poor condition, which is probably the reason why it fell from the tree.  This beautiful plant is an interesting subject for cultivation but it is almost sure this particular plant, which comes from a high altitude in the Andes, would do poorly in the average orchid collection.  But there are other Lockhartia species that hail from lowers altitudes that are more forgiving of high temperatures and low humidity.  I have seen Lockhartia species growing happily in collections in Puerto Rico.  These plants have been in areas of PR where the local climate provides the high humidity but I have seen plant in collections where the orchid grower supplies the watering and humidity that are lacking locally.

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