Saturday, November 3, 2012

Puertorrican parrot goes bananas about its bathtime

This is a male of the species Amazona vittata vittata, the Puerto Rican parrot.  These birds greatly enjoy getting baths.  In the wild when it rains after a spell of dry weather the parrots become very excited and vocalize powerfully as they get wet under the rain.  In captivity the cages are designed so that the  birds can take baths whenever it rains, however a few will also eagerly seek getting wet under the water we use to clean cages.  From time to time we indulge them and allow them to frolick under the water stream.  As you can see in the video the bird is unabashedly enjoying the water.  These parrots are highly intelligent and we try, as much as it is possible in captivity, to enrich their enviroment with things they like. 
I want to make clear that this animal trusts me a great deal, birds that don't have a trusting relationship with their owners or keepers will not behave this way, some may even feel threatened when their cage is cleaned.  If you want to give your birds a bath like these make sure that the bird doesn't feels threatened, is in a familiar enviroment and that it can get away from the water stream at any time if it chooses to do so.
This particular male has been particularly fecund and a number of his offspring have been released into the wild as part of a program to reintroduce the species to parts of it former habitat where it has beene extinct since the early twenty century.

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