Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Angelfish, Peruvian "altum", two weeks after they arrived.

The baby angelfish were quite timid for the first week after they arrived.  But now they have lost all their wariness and come out quickly to see if I am going to feed them.  I feed them blood worms and rat tail maggots.  I give them a little flake food in the morning, when they are very hungry, otherwise they would not eat it.  I have offered them tiny pieces of frozen shrimp but they have scorned it.  Every week I do a 50% water change.  They have learned to take bloodworms from the net.  I feed them four times a day.  A little bit of flake food in the morning, an hour later bloodworms and insect larvae.  Then two more feedings in the afternoon of bloodworms or other insect larvae.  I give them no more than what they can eat in a few minutes.  They are gluttonous and in a very short time they fill their bellies to the bursting point.

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