Monday, June 2, 2014

Dendrobium cretaceum, now considered to be Den. polyanthum

I brought this species two years ago and it has proven to be a reliable bloomer that seems not to be bothered by hot weather.  My plant has grown well with no special care.  As you can see it has bloomed the lenght of the cane, not something that is common here when dealing with Dendrobium that come from the north of India and the Himalayas.   The flowers last well if protected from insects.  Thrips in particular are a problem as they are mightly attracted to these flowers, probably due to their white color. 

In the past I saw some plants of this species labeled as Dendrobium primulinum var. alba.  The name polyanthum has precedence over the name cretaceum for these plants.  O have used the name cretaceum because many plants have been sold under his name. This plant was unknown in local orchid circles until fairly recently.  The first person I knew that cultivated and bloomed it was Dr. Julio Rios.  Since then this plant has been imported into the island and seems to be doing well in local collections.

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