Thursday, June 26, 2014

The baby angelfish, are growing well, they eat like there is no tomorrow

One of the traits that distinguish Pterophyllum scalare is its very round body profile.
This fish shows a slightly compressed body, its siblings are all rounder.

Notice the full belly in these two fish

The baby angelfish arrived here the first of June.  At first they were very timid.  They are still a bit more shy than most angelfish, but live food sure brings them out of their hiding places.  Most of the time they hold their fins straight up, in a vertical position that I find very pleasing.  I feed them three times a day, but I am sure they would eat all day long if I gave them live food.  If you see them eating live food you would think they are greedy and gluttonous.  But they fact is that they can be picky on what they eat and will reject certain foods particularly pellets and flakes unless you know when to offer them.

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