Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two chicks of the common ground dove, Columbigallina passerina, in an orchid growing in a hanging basket

In 2012 I was away from my garden for a few weeks.  When I went to check the shadehouse I saw a common ground dove fleeing in panic from inside the shade house.  I didn't gave any thought to it.  But as I was checking my plants I discovered two dove chicks on the pot of a nobile dendrobium.  The chicks remained utterly still as I moved around the pot.  They were in a shallow nest made out of a few pieces of Tillandsia usneoides.   I severely limited my visits to the shadehouse so that the mother would not abandon the chicks.  The chicks fledged in less than two weeks after I took this photo.  The orchid sustained no harm from having served as a nest.

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