Sunday, December 26, 2010

Erythrodes plantaginea, a terrestrial orchid common at high elevation forests in PR

Erythrodes plantaginea

Several Erythrodes plants blooming in El Yunque peak

This  terrestrial orchid is common in the Sierra de Luquillo forests in the parts at middle and high elevations that I have been able to visit.  It is easy to find in the roadsides and with little effort you can find many plants with inflorescences.  It doesn’t have any horticultural importance and as far as I know it is not in cultivation.  This is plant is native of Puerto Rico and can be found on other islands of the West Indies.  Because of its small white flowers that seem unremarkable at first sight this plants has not been of interest to orchidists, even among those that have visited their habitat, few are even aware they are orchids.   These plants were in bloom in February.

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