Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dendrobium tangerinum P.J.Cribb 1980

I saw this orchid at the 2016 Puerto Rico Orchid Society show.  I am a fan of the "antilope" Dendrobium of the Sphatulata, formely Ceratobium section of the Dendrobium genus.  But they also drive me mad with their endless variations, forms and varieties.  If you add to this mixture the hybrids which are sometimes mislabeled as species, you got a recipe for confusion when trying to determine the identification of a plant.  However I am fairly sure this is Den. tangerinum.  These are large and showy plants, however few people locally seem to have mastered their culture well enough as to be able to grow the large specimen plants the members of this section can produce.  The potential of these plants is well illustrated by the grand champion of the 2016 Puerto Rico Orchid society show which was a large Den. gouldii with massive inflorescences and an impressive quantity of flowers.

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