Sunday, April 10, 2016

Schombonia (Bromecanthe) Garnet Glory (Cattleytonia Why Not x Schomburgkia thomsoniana)

I saw this plant in the April 10 meeting of the American Orchid Society judges in Ponce.  The color is quite striking.  the flowers are stunning.  The only fault I can find on these flowers is that they are relatively small, around three inches.  The red color is deep and clear.  The plant form favor the Myrmecophila parent.   Yes, I know they could have a better shape and be more round, but those are things that future hybridizers can address, for the moment, this plant is wonderful. The current name of this orchid is Bromecanthe Garnet Glory, however I am sure this name is quite unfamiliar to most orchid growers.  The inflorecense was about three feet tall.  The color of the flowers, when they are seen under fluorescent lights doesn't look much like you see in these photos, the look darker.

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Quetzal said...

I have had this plant for 9 years and has yet to bloom for me. For the last 2 summers I brought it outside in some brighter light. The pseudobulbs grew fatter and recently have formed sheaths. This is not a promise of flowers but it's the closest it's even come to flowering. Despite the difficulties I'm having blooming this plant, I've had more success flowering the Schomburgkia thompsoniana parent.