Friday, April 10, 2015

Grammatoheadia Boynton Leopard, with most of its flowers opened.

Most of the flowers of the inflorescence of my plant of Grammatoheadia Boynton Leopard are now opened.  Although initially the inflorescence had about seventy five buds, it started dropping a number of them at the tip after most of the flowers were open.  I don't now if this is a natural occurrence or because I moved the plant from its original location to a place next to the house. and hanged it in a shady spot.

I was surprised that the flowers all turned toward the direction of the strongest light.  That means that on one side of the inflorescence you are looking at the flowers front and on the other you are looking mostly at their backs.  This inflorescence has a number of flowers that surpasses the inflorescences of all my other Grammatophyllum, except the massive inflorescence of Gramm. speciosum.  However this plant is positively tiny compared with an adult speciosum.


Anonymous said...

I am confused--is the genus grammatophyllum or grammatoheadia?

Ricardo said...

This plant is a Grammatoheadia, this is a hybrid genus that is the product of a cross of a Grammatophyllum with a Bromheadia.