Monday, April 13, 2015

My Dendrobium nobile hybrids have bloomed in 2015

Dendrobium Wave King 'Akebono'
Dendrobium Red Emperor 'Prince'
Dendrobium Love Memory 'Fizz'
Dendrobium Country Girl "Warabeuta'
The old Dendrobium nobile hybrids were not easy to bloom.  But this is no longer the case with the new hybrids.  All the plants that I have brought have bloomed several years in a row without having to subject them to a severe drop in temperature.  The best performer is Wave King which bloomed several times during last year.  The one that produced the fewest flowers was Dendrobium Love Memory.


Anonymous said...

How low a temperature drop do they get? I live @1100 feet in Virgin Islands. Rarely below 65. Should I try these? Nobile species not successful.

Ricardo said...

I think they will bloom where you live, albeit with only a few flowers near the top of the cane instead of flowers along the lenght of the stem. However there are things that can help a Dendrobium nobile make the transicion into blooming mode. The first one is growing them in full sun, no shade, full tropical sun, the canes will be stubby but they can take it. The next thing you can do is keep them dry, not a drop of water for at least a month. Some plants, amazingly will try to start new canes even in the driest part of the dry season, but resist the temptation to break the dry spell.

Linda said...

Your photos are gorgeous!

klaraau01 said...

Thank you for featuring this beautiful orchid