Friday, May 22, 2015

Oncidium sphacelatum Lindl. 1841

This orchid is one of one of the easiest orchids to grow in the Caribbean.  It grows vigorously in well cared for but it is forgiving of neglect.  The plant in the photo above started as a two pseudobulb division on top of a terracota pot.  Eventually it totally engulfed the pot with its root mass and grew over, around and under it.

Unfortunately this particular clone doesn't produce the large flower filled inflorescences that other clones can produce.  It produces many short ones.  The flowers are nice enough although a bit on the small side, but perhaps I am prejudiced by the many larger flowered modern Oncidium hybrids.

This particular plant will grow happily tied up to a tree even when it receives absolutely no care.  However to get the best out of this species, you need to water it regularly, fertilize it frequently when it is producing its pseudobulbs and you have to make sure it get the proper amount of light to grow well,. This is not a plant for shady spots, although it will grow and bloom there, it will not perform its best.

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