Thursday, May 14, 2015

The effect of drought on a Cochleantes flabelliformis, "in situ" in the Rio Abajo forest in Puerto Rico

The plant had a fruit in February 2015
The plant in February 2015

The driest months of the year in Puerto Rico are March and April.  In May the rainy season starts.  But in 2015 we have not received any significant amount of rain in the forest during the month of May.  The forest is unusually dry for this time of the year.  Many plants look dehydrated and in a poor state.  I went to see a Cochleantes flabelliformis that I had seen in February, to see how it was faring during the drought.  As you can see it has lost almost all its leaves.  I was sad since I had counted on taking photos of its flowers when it bloomed again.  I will be monitoring this plant to see if it will survive and recover once the rains start.

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