Friday, September 27, 2013

Bletia patula var alba Hawkes 1950, a rare sighting

Fully mature flower

Newly opened flower
I had heard of Bletia patula alba for many years but had never seen one “in the flesh”.  Yesterday in the Mayaguez Orchid festival I finally was able to see one.  A plant of this type was awarded by the AOS many years ago, but so far as I know that plant was lost.  I found a very pale form of this species in the wild some years ago, but in all my field trips I have never seen an alba in the wild.  In some areas of Arecibo I have seen fields where there were thousands of plants but all of them were uniformly colored.  I would hope that this clone will be selfed and the seed sown or some divisions are distributed among hobbyists so that it is not lost again.


Unknown said...

Linda Bletia


En la ladearas de la montaña de República Dominicana se pueden ver las Bletias albas y albenses