Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dendrobium Nopporn Starbright

For some years now Dendrobium hybrids that come from hybridizing plants with ancestry from the Latourea, Phalaenanthe and Sphatulata sections of the Dendrobium genus have been showing up in the market.   These Dendrobium have many virtues, among those, the flowers are big and impressively long lasting.  However some flowers can show lurid color combinations that are unfamiliar to the average orchid grower and some retain a trace of the strongly twisted flowers of the Latouria ancestors.  It remains to be seen if they will become as popular as the ubiquitous hybrid Dendrobium derived from the Phalaenanthe and Sphatulata section of Dendrobium.

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Blanca Acosta said...

Hi Richard. I am just starting to collect these type of Nopporn Dendrobiums. I love their splash of mixed colors, however they are difficult to locate.