Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bulbophyllum auratum "other world', an orchid that produces a lovely mimicry of yellow parasols

A plant in a basket, not mine

My plant, now sadly lost, you can see the remains of dozens of inflorescences

My plant of Bulbophyllum auratum was everything you could ask in a Bulbophyllum, it grew vigorously in the climatic conditions of my locality, was pest free and bloomed constantly.  Unfortunately I lost this plant.  The reason I lost it was that it grew out of its pot and I neglected to start new plants elsewhere or to repot the plant.  When I noticed the plant was not blooming as usual it had already weakened and the few pseudobulbs I was able to trasplant succumbed to rot.   As you can see in the plant in the basket, these plants can really put out a show.  

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