Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bulbophyllum tricornoides Seidenfaden (1979)

This is a species that is native of Thailand¹.  This orchid is not mine, it is cultivated by a friend that lives in the town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.   He lives a few hundred feet from the seashore, this means that humidity is good year round.  This is an important consideration with Bulbophyllum because some species don’t grow well if humidity is low.  His plants are hung over several aquariums which also helps maintain good humidity.  In his location temperatures are always warm and in summer they can go over 90F.
This plant grows well and blooms abundantly in coastal Puerto Rico.  As you can see in the photos it will roam all over the pot or basket and won’t hesitate to send growth under the basket if it is grown in one.   The inflorescences can be erect or hanging.   The plant can produce several inflorescences at the same time if in good condition.  It is grown under saran   cloth.It is interesting that, although Bulbophyllum is not a particularly popular genus among the average orchid grower, when looking at the collections of more dedicated growers you can find all sort of species that are rarely seen locally.  

¹ Siegerist, Emily S.  2001.  Bulbophyllum and their allies: a grower’s guide

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