Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann, two unnamed clones

This plant would produce large umbels of pink flowers

The same plant as the previous photo but using a
black background to highlight the size of the tails

The plant would produce several large umbels at the same time

This is a different clone from the previous photo.  It would produce
few flowered umbels of deeply colored flowers

Many years ago I brought two tiny Bulbophyllum seedlings from the H&R company in Hawaii.  They took three years to bloom, but the patience was well rewarded as the flowers were large and brightly colored.  One clone was very vigorous and would produce large umbels of pink flowers.  The other clone was a slower grower and its inflorescences produced fewer flower, but the delightful color of the flowers more than compensated the smaller size of the umbel.  Unfortunately I lost both plants due to my inexperience repotting them.   But I am getting a few young plants, who knows what beauty lies in waiting in those seedlings!

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Unknown said...

Todos Bulbophyllum lindos, mas o Elizabeth, vou tentar encontrar para compra.